Aerospace group FACC has unveiled the LAV4ALL, a retrofittable barrier-free aircraft lavatory.

The lavatory has been designed incorporating advice from wheelchair users and other potential customers.

“The access to the lavatory was one of the most important issues. Inside we wanted to offer enlarged space as generous as possible, said Robert Braunsberger, VP Division Cabin Interiors, FACC.

“Due to the diagonal entrance, the area available for moving has become wider which makes the transfer clearly easier. Now the facilities can be used without assistance. If the lavatory is in the rear cabin area of the aircraft, a wheelchair user can make a U-turn in the galley and enter the lavatory more easily. All handles, levers, and switches are exactly adapted to special needs such as height or size; they are accentuated in colour as well as optimised. With our new products we offer all passengers without exception to be mobile globally,” Braunsberger added.

One new feature is the door opening at a right angle, which blocks off glances from the aisle during entering as long as the door is open and affords more privacy. As soon as the LAV4ALL door is closed, the galley can be entered again and does not need to be blocked for as long as the lavatory is occupied.

“Requirements on aircraft toilets are very high: optimum usability and functionality, highest standards of hygiene, but also economic acquisition and operation are important criteria. With the LAV4ALL, our experts together with external development partners have accomplished to design a comprehensive optimal solution and to bring it into serial production”, states Robert Machtlinger, CEO of FACC.

LAV4ALL has been developed initially as a retrofit solution for the AIRBUS A320 aircraft family considering its existing outside dimensions. Upon request, retrofit solutions for further aircraft types for short, medium, and long haul will follow. This new and innovative product solution from FACC will be promoted globally by FACC Aftermarket Services together with its Distributors and MRO-Stations.

“In addition to our repair services and spare part distribution, we also offer cabin modifications and retrofit solutions through our FACC Aftermarket Services network. Our experts have comprehensive know-how in terms of engineering and certification. To keep the installation time and cost low, we deliver LAV4ALL as ready to install as possible. We want to offer our airline customers a competitive advantage and provide them with a solution even before any aviation regulation adaptions will apply,” said Christian Mundigler, VP FACC Aftermarket Services.

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