ITT Cannon has introduced its RPR EN4165-Style Receptacle with PCB Contacts for commercial aerospace applications.

The RPR is an ARINC 809-compatible solution that is ideal for high-speed Ethernet and PCB applications and is designed to help the commercial aviation sector meet evolving passenger demands for connectivity.

“The increasing need for high-speed data to support larger in-flight entertainment content and demanding avionics applications is driving the requirement for more advanced, higher speed data transfer rates in commercial aircraft,” said Anh Phan, ITT Cannon’s vice president of sales & marketing. “In response, manufacturers are pushing the interconnect industry to develop more cost-effective, lightweight electrical connector solutions to fulfil the demand.”

“Our new RPR EN4165-Style Receptacle with PCB Contacts is a highly engineered interconnect solution that meets this need head on,” said Phan. “Its lightweight, composite construction and space-saving design delivers cost efficiency while retaining high speed data transfer performances, secure connectivity and signal integrity.”

Cannon engineers designed a proprietary latch mechanism for the RPR that allows front release and rear removal of the insert from the shell after PCB/Panel mounting. This enables access to or removal of electronics from the equipment panel as opposed to a rear release mechanism inside the box, which is frequently inaccessible. Among the first of its kind, Cannon’s proprietary latching mechanism is an option on all of Cannon’s RPR receptacles.

Written by: Alexander Preston

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