Taste of Finnair meal packaging

Finnish flag carrier Finnair has begun trialling the sale of ready-made Nordic in-flight Business Class-inspired meals.

The ready-made meals are just available in one Finnish store – the K-Citymarket Tammisto, located near Helsinki Airport, in the city of Vantaa. If the pilot is successful, Finnair could increase production and expand to other stores.

The specially developed concept meals have been designed by Finnair’s own top chefs and hand-made in the airline’s dedicated Finnair Kitchen. Helsinki customers can now choose from the airline’s fusion of Finnish and Asian signature dishes, such as Finnish reindeer and beef in teriyaki-radish sauce.

Marika Nieminen, Finnair Kitchen VP, said: “We want to offer the opportunity for a Finnair experience and everyday luxury at home, now that travel has been restricted in many ways.

“At the same time, this is a new business opening for us and employs our chefs in Vantaa. As so many of Finnair Kitchen’s employees are temporarily laid off, the project enables us to create new work and employment for our people.”

Juha Stenholm, Finnair Kitchen Head of Product Development, said: “The meals are inspired by Nordic and Japanese flavours and seasonal ingredients. The menus include, for example, Finnish reindeer and beef in teriyaki-radish sauce, which draws on Tokyo’s street food culture.

“Our food cultures are united by the appreciation and emphasis of ingredients and their natural flavours in food, and it is evident in these meals as well. We are excited to bring flavours from our Business Class easily available to the grocery store.”

Kimmo Sivonen, K-Citymarket merchant, based at Tammisto, said: “It is very important for us to provide our customers with quality food, easily and effortlessly: ready-made portions bring variety to home-made cooking.

Two main course options are available throughout the week from Monday to Sunday and an additional appetiser from Friday to Sunday. The menu changes every two weeks.

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