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Finnair’s newly redesigned in-flight entertainment (IFE) system has won an international Red Dot Award 2022 in the Brand and Communication Design category.

The Red Dot Design Award celebrates design and innovation and has become established internationally as one of the most sought-after marks of quality for good design.

The system and its interface form part of the airline’s substantial €200 million investment to enhance the customer experience which included the unveiling of the new AirLounge Business Class seat, a new Premium Economy cabin, refreshed Economy Class and a new in-flight dining experience.

Harri Valkama, Finnair Digital Channel Lead for IFEC said: “We are proud that Finnair’s in-house IFEC team was behind the design and development of our new and award-winning in-flight entertainment system. The new system has been thoroughly tested with our customers across the globe which has allowed us to further refine it to ensure it offers the best IFE experience in the sky.”

Practical and easy to use

The IFE is designed to be both practical and easy for customers to enjoy and offers a unique and dynamic inflight entertainment experience from gate to gate.

The system is aimed at supporting customers’ current and future journeys and provides a dynamic overview of real time progress of their journey, with the IFE system constantly adapting to the latest phase of the flight.

By providing relevant and timely information and services at each stage of the journey, Finnair’s IFE system features new connecting flight functionality, and provides customers with personalised messages on the status of their connecting flights. In addition to this, the IFE system’s extensive entertainment selection provides customers with the very latest topflight movies and TV shows, popular music tracks and games.

Passengers travelling in Finnair’s brand-new long-haul cabins can view their entertainment on high definition 18” screens in Business Class, 13” in Premium Economy (16” on front rows), and 12” screens in Economy.

The new IFE system will gradually become available along with the fully renewed cabin on Finnair’s long-haul flights during 2022-2023.

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