FlightPath3D has reached its 1,000th implementation of its wireless IFE map. In five years, the app has been selected by over 50 airlines.

FlightPath3D’s president, Duncan Jackson commented: “We’re delighted to have many airline customers flying with our wireless IFE map including, Southwest, Air Europa, Air France, All Nippon Airways, Air Arabia, Arkia, Jet Airways and WestJet.”

Dr. Joe Leader, chief executive officer of APEX added: “While the number of aircraft with seat-back screens continues to increase every year, advances in wireless streaming will massively expand the number of airline passengers worldwide able to enjoy in-flight entertainment. The next steps in technology will enable hyperpersonalisation leveraging predictive artificial intelligence to significantly improve airline passenger experience for millions of air travellers.”

Jackson continued: “Our use of personalisation and new artificial intelligence will enable passengers to travel globally like a local. For example, we’ve analysed hundreds of millions of traveller data points to recommend hyperlocal attractions in every town and back corner of the world and even sorted them by popularity – it looks amazing!”

“We also want to help airlines drive revenue, allowing passengers to explore flight times and destinations to promote airline ticket sales, and estimate journey times from aircraft to hotel to promote ground transportation partners. It’s a potent cocktail when you combine rich passenger experience features with revenue generating capabilities.”

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