FliteTrak has launched the next generation of its intelligent remote monitoring technology with new ‘sixth sense’ capabilities. The smart transmission box acts as a single hub for all its Viator data collection and sensing systems.

Its new transmission box has the power to draw together all of its Viator capabilities in one place for a complete sensing solution:

Sight: End users can see on screen what is happening in real time and adjust with touch-screen technology. Viator can also monitor light levels and link to small footprint digital camera technologies.
Sound: Viator is listening 24/7 for dangers and sends alerts before issues become critical.
Smell: FliteTrak’s SpriteAero monitors air quality for potentially harmful substances.
Touch: Pressure mapping for mattress and cushion comfort, vibration monitoring, and automation capabilities plus touch-screen controls.
Taste: Viator samples soils around crops in real time for pH levels and substances such as nitrogen and phosphates.
Sixth Sense: Predictability and automatic intelligence – Viator can identify issues and needs before they arise with data used to enable machine learning.

Andrew Barnett, joint managing director of FliteTrak, said: “FliteTrak is propelling smart technology to the next level.

“Our new unified transmission box means that vital data from each of our six sense systems can be streamed to one hub for monitoring, collection, analysis and action. Its small footprint enables quick, easy fitment.”

Viator uses small sensors to collect data which is relayed to the transmission box and then streamed to a laptop, tablet, desktop, phone or watch for monitoring and intervention.Based on award-winning iblox technology, it also records big data for analysis and diagnostics.

Its ViatorAero system monitors individual seats in airline cabins for movement and temperature, seatbelt closure as well as air quality and overhead locker activation.

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