Former England and Liverpool Football Club captain Steven Gerrard has launched Angel Revive, a new alkaline water product believed to combat the fatiguing effects of long-haul flight.

Angel Revive was officially unveiled at last week’s World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo (WTCE) in Hamburg. The product boasts a natural pH level of 8.2, significantly higher than the neutral level found in competitor spring water products. The water contains naturally-occurring minerals including nitrates, nitrites, salts and calcium together with sulphates and magnesium – properties the company’s founders believe can help rejuvenate the skin and increase metabolism to combat the natural dehydrating effects of flight.

Angel Revive owner Mark Doyle met the Inflight team in Hamburg to outline the water’s 500-year history and explain how he attracted the backing of an international sporting icon. “Throughout his career, Steven relied on various artificial supplements and nutrients to recover after matches. Upon learning about Angel Revive’s unique history, alkalinity, salt and mineral content, Steven recognised its immense health benefits and we are proud to welcome him as our brand ambassador. After originally targeting the elite sport industry, we think the product will be of significant interest to airlines and their passengers and are delighted by the interest we received at the WTCE event.”

David Sharp, co-founder of partnered company Blue Napkin, explained: “We chose to officially launch the brand at WTCE 2018 for its great routes into aviation, rail and cruise lines. It is the only show where everyone in the travel business truly comes together and is in everyone’s calendar, which made it the perfect show to introduce Angel Revive.”

Square bottles have been especially developed for airlines, offering greater stability. The company has plans to extend its portfolio with face wipes and soluble rehydration tablets on the agenda, all utilising the water’s beneficial electrolyte properties.

Pictured (top, L-R): Steven Gerrard with Angel Revive founder Mark Doyle.

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