Global Eagle is expanding its IFE package by partnering with language learning app, Drops.

Drops’ vocabulary-focused word games are available in over 30 languages, including French, Mandarin and regional dialects like Latin American Spanish.

From 2020, Drops’ new product Travel Talk will be available for airline passengers via their seatbacks, offering categories like “Meet and greet”, “Safety and security” and more.

According to Dina Dumenko, VP Software Engineering, Global Eagle: “As the driving force behind the digital aircraft concept, we seek out innovative partnerships with companies to add value to our IFE platforms and improve the inflight experience.”

Daniel Farkas, co-founder and CEO, Drops, added: “We couldn’t have picked a better partner for the launch of our first travel product, Travel Talk. Like Global Eagle, we are committed to supporting global citizenship and increasing connectivity around the world. Language is the perfect way to do this. Whether you’re actively learning a new language and want a quick refresher mid-flight, or just want to pick up some new phrases before your holiday, Travel Talk is the perfect tool. It’s effective and fun, so you can arrive feeling like a true local.”

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