Delta A330-900 aircraft in flight

Delta is to amend its 2Ku In-Flight Connectivity Services Agreement with Gogo.

The Amendment provides for the early expiration of the 2Ku Agreement on a fleet-by-fleet  staggered schedule beginning in November of 2020 with Delta’s A321neos and running through July of 2022, concluding with A350-900 and A330-900 aircraft.

According to a statement by Oakleigh Thorne, Gogo President and CEO: “Though we do not relish the idea of having a competitor join us at Delta, this amendment gives us time to complete our 2Ka offering and add capacity to our 2Ku network and will enable us to compete effectively for the fleets in question.

“We are also very pleased to see Delta’s continued focus on providing free Wi-fi despite the impact of COVID-19 and view that as a positive for the in-flight connectivity industry as it will drive demand.

“We look forward to continuing to work with Delta to drive its vision.

Fleet Type                      Fleet Expiration Date

A321neo                                     11/1/2020
A321-200                                   2/31/2020
737-900ER                                12/31/2020
A220-300                                  12/31/2020
757-200                                      3/1/2021
737-800                                      4/1/2021
A320-200                                   4/1/2021
A319-100                                    4/1/2021
757-300                                      10/1/2021
A220-100                                   10/1/2021
737-700                                      10/1/2021
A330-900                                   7/1/2022
A350-900                                   7/1/2022

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