Alexander Proschka, Executive Vice President Commercial at Hahn Air

Hahn Air has announced it is now offering cloud-based Passenger Service System Res 360 as part of its distribution package.

Res 360 will allow airlines looking to enter the world of indirect distribution to obtain all essential components from Hahn Air. The company is already offering solutions to enter and expand GDS sales, close distribution gaps and unlock new markets.

Hahn Air is partnering with leading technology service provider InteliSys Aviation to deliver its state-of-the-art PSS solution. “For any airline, the PSS is at the heart of airline distribution,” commented Alexander Proschka, Executive Vice President Commercial at Hahn Air. “It is only a natural step for Hahn Air to offer this component as part of our distribution package. With Res360, airlines benefit from a one-stop-solution with our unparalleled service combined with the leading technology powered by InteliSys. We are excited to be bringing this offering to the market for airlines around the globe.”

Res360 is 100% cloud-based and allows airlines of any size and business model to connect to all sales channels. The following components are included in the Res360 PSS suite:

  • Inventory and Reservation System
  • Departure Control System
  • Reporting Module
  • Fully responsive Internet Booking Engine (including online check-in and flight tracking tools)
  • Travel Agent Portal
  • Corporate Customer Portal
  • Ancillary Management and Sales Module
  • Loyalty Module

The API infrastructure also guarantees flexibility and scalability as it allows airlines to connect further applications and channels in the future and to customise the system to their evolving needs.

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