Australasia's largest MRO provider - Heston MRO

Heston MRO, one of the largest independent MRO organisations in Australasia, has expanded into Europe with the establishment of subsidiary, Heston MRO Europe.

Based in Lithuania, Heston MRO Europe, plans to operate local European warehouses and have AOG support and logistics teams located next to its European customers and suppliers.

‘Heston MRO realises that the pace of aviation recovery varies significantly between different regions’, commented Asta Zirlyte, CEO of Heston MRO. ‘It has always been in our plans to expand geographically beyond our home region in Australasia, following the actual needs of airline customers and asset owners. Faster post-Covid recovery in the Northern Hemisphere repositioned our strategic goals and accelerated that decision. We have established our presence in Europe to capture the local MRO opportunities driven by the recovering travel.’

‘Based in the European Union- Lithuania, Heston MRO Europe will aim to service operators and asset owners in EMEA and CIS markets’, said Kestutis Volungevicius, CEO of Heston MRO Europe. ‘Having started with Components and Asset Management solutions, we aim for organic customer driven expansion into other adjacent MRO offerings like engineering services, engines solutions, and other technical support services’.

Heston MRO Europe has tailored its Components and Asset Management solutions for narrow body aircraft, covering B737 and A320 families through spare parts support, AOG coverage, asset part-outs and trading. The company is seeding its European stock with own part-out projects and partnerships with asset owners.

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