Digital air cargo charter business CharterSync says it is thrilled to see the company’s optimistic outlook for air cargo growth reflected in the findings of the IATA Annual Review 2022.

Ed Gillett, Co-Founder and Director of the company commented: “The air cargo industry is showing real resilience, with global air cargo volumes forecast to hit a record high of 68.4 million tonnes in 2022. With our own volumes set to treble in 2022, and growing interest from North America, the Far East and South America, we are confident that this growth will continue – even in the face of inflation and economic downturn.”

The financial picture is also inspiring confidence according to Gillett: “While overall air cargo revenues have nearly doubled since 2019, CharterSync’s own revenues are set to treble in 2022. As a digital disruptor ourselves, CharterSync is always pleased to see how digitalisation plays a key role in modernising and streamlining the industry.

“A key digitalisation milestone, highlighted by IATA, will be reached in 2022 when the industry discontinues the use of paper-based air waybills, replacing them with de-materialised electronic air waybills on 100% of shipments on all enabled trade lanes. By bringing to an end the antiquated, manual legacy systems, this development will significantly streamline the processing of documents and shipments of air cargo.

“Whilst eliminating the need for printing and the archiving of documents, this will be a small step towards more sustainable options. IATA played a pivotal role in promoting this change and they should be thoroughly applauded for this achievement.”

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