Iberia’s long-term service provider Multiservicios Aeroportuarios (MASA) has introduced new cleaning and sanitising procedures for its short- and medium-haul fleet.

MASA is deploying new electrostatic pistols, developed by Spanish start-up AirlineLoop, that Iberia introduces sustainable approach to aircraft deep-cleaning shoot a fine powder that kills the COVID-19 virus on contact, making the sanitising both faster and more uniform, while reaching the most inaccessible parts of armrests, headrests, folding trays, seat folds, hand luggage compartments, toilets, etc. between flights.

The disinfecting liquid dries almost instantly.

The start-up has developed three types of equipment – Airline Loop, Standard Loop, and Portable Loop. The small diameter, 100μm (micrometers), nozzle apertures emit drops so tiny that they inundate all nooks and crannies where pathogens might be hidden.

They can use a variety of pulverisable biocides and are being used to supplement  the pulverisers routinely used by MASA to clean Iberia Group aircraft in Madrid Airport.

For cleaning by hand Iberia has switched to cleaning cloths and mops made with 100% bamboo fibre which are tougher, more elastic, and totally recyclable.

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