Icelandair meals

Icelandair is offering the carrier’s passengers the option to pre-purchase meals before flight, with the airline saying the option is available during the booking process.

Economy customers travelling with Icelandair can now pre-purchase their in-flight food on flights between Iceland and Europe and between Iceland and North America.

Icelandair is also offering a wider range of meals and passengers are able to choose from a choice of a three-course menu, an open sandwich and vegan and low-carb options. Passengers who choose not to pre-purchase their meals can purchase light snacks on board.

Icelandair passengers can add meals in “My Journey” until 24 hours before departure for those pre-purchasing. The carrier says this new offering is in line with Icelandair’s sustainability goals, the objective of reducing food waste and aircraft load. Additionally, the airline has introduced new environmentally friendly food packaging on board.

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