IdeaNova has launched INPLAY VR, a new multimedia player that brings Virtual Reality viewing to in-flight entertainment.

IdeaNova will be demonstrating INPLAY VR at APEX EXPO in Boston, with the films INVASION! (Tribeca 2016), and ASTEROIDS! (Sundance 2017), from Baobab Studios.

“Virtual Reality viewing is on the upswing in all sectors of visual entertainment. In-flight Entertainment (IFE) is no exception,” said Juraj Siska, CEO of IdeaNova. “In making Virtual Reality available on airline provided or customer owned devices, airlines can boost their IFE offering by improving their passengers’ on-board experience.”

The new INPLAY VR player, which uses platform agnostic technology, works with any VR headset currently available and is ready for early adoption of new headsets about to come on the market.

“The headset industry is maturing rapidly, which is essential for more mainstream adoption of this technology. We’ll see lighter, smaller and high-performing devices that won’t be much different from regular eye glasses,” said Siska.

INPLAY VR is an extension of IdeaNova’s INPLAY line of products that includes players and license servers used for video-on-demand and live streaming. The player features multi language audio and subtitles, DRM and non-DRM playback capabilities, and the ability to play streamed off-line, preloaded content. It is configurable, and API driven to interface with inflight systems to inform passengers through PA announcements, flight information, on-board instructions and advertisements.

Written by: Alexander Preston

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