Inflight Two Minutes

This video explores the upcoming Inflight Asia-Pacific event day two Workshop and the Awards. The Inflight Awards recognise outstanding IFEC product or service offerings from across the host region. Each award category is judged by an independent panel of industry experts, who aim to honour the superb technical creativity produced by these ever-evolving industry sectors. Make sure to take a look at the judging criteria before submitting your nomination. Visit the event website for more information on Inflight Asia-Pacific and to submit your nomination.

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Day two schedule recap: Thursday 9 November 2018

10.45-11.30: Session 6 – Connectivity

11.45-12.30: Session 7 – Ancillary revenues

13.15-14.00: Session 8 – Disability access

14.10: Inflight Asia-Pacific Awards ceremony

If you are interested in joining us as a panelist declare your interest on the event website.

Written by: Isabella Duncombe

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