Gladi8tor Gaming has signed an IFE agreement with Inflight Dublin

Inflight Dublin has entered into a partnership with in-flight games provider, Gladi8tor Gaming, through LXM Group.

Gladi8tor’s gaming environment can now be hosted on Inflight Dublin’s Wireless IFE platform, Everhub, for passengers to play a wide range of games on their own devices. Additionally, passengers can also watch a streaming channel with exclusive content from contracted Pro Esporters and streamers and keep up to date on news from the gaming community.

The gaming platform also enables airlines to generate ancillary revenue through game sales and advertising. An integrated onboard shop allows passengers to order games for multiple platforms – PC, Playstation, XBOx, and Nintendo, which are fulfilled and delivered after the flight. The full gaming catalogue is being deployed on board Inflight Dublin’s client, Condor. This includes a car game which has been branded for SIXT car rentals, generating additional advertising revenue for the airline.

“Utilising gaming content to drive ancillary revenue is something we haven’t seen many other providers do and this is very attractive for airlines to maximise the number of potential revenue streams available to them,” commented Barry Flynn, Inflight Dublin’s CCO.

“We are constantly looking to enhance the passenger experience on board with innovative ideas and this new immersive gaming platform is a great addition to our inflight entertainment. Our passengers have the possibility to continue their gaming experience even after the flight, which strengthens the connection and the valued relationship with our customers,” added Jana Rolker, Condor’s IFE Manager.

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