Inflight Dublin EASE

Inflight Dublin has launched its latest product innovation, EASE: Wellness Breathing Exercise. The release of the wellness product aims to promote the wellbeing of passengers, in the air or on the ground.

EASE is a user-centred, brand-aligned breathing exercise that helps anxious travellers feel more relaxed during their flight. Compatible with all in-flight entertainment systems, the exercise can be housed on any Wireless or Seatback IFE platform. Adopting binaural beats (Audio Frequencies), resonant breathing techniques, and comforting visuals, the goal of the video is to instil a calming and positive experience for the user throughout their flight.

EASE is fully customisable and through the complementary application of an airline’s logo, colour palette, and typography the exercise will tastefully reflect each airline’s brand. This on-trend and extremely helpful product is designed and managed entirely in-house by Inflight Dublin.

“We are delighted to announce our latest innovation, EASE: Wellness Breathing Exercise. Recognising the fast-growing wellness trend, we wanted to create something simple and user-friendly that would help ‘ease’ the anxiety or fear that many passengers suffer when flying. I am proud of the Inflight Dublin team for continuing to innovate and creating something positive during such a tough time for the industry,” stated John White, Inflight Dublin’s CEO.


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