Inflight Dublin Everhub on tablet

Private aircraft charter operator GainJet has selected Inflight Dublin for its in-flight entertainment service.

In July, Inflight Dublin equipped one of GainJet’s Boeing 757 aircraft with its next-generation Everhub Portable wireless server.

The DO-160G certified hardware is complemented by the Everhub software platform which includes a streaming service and brand-aligned Graphical User Interface (GUI). The content package consists of Hollywood blockbuster movies, TV shows, Music, and Games, curated specifically for GainJet’s audience.

GainJet will have access to Everhub’s cloud-hosted Control Centre, which houses Inflight Dublin’s analytics tool, IFD Insights, which will provide informative performance reports related to Hardware, Software and Content usage.

“We are very excited to introduce Inflight Dublin’s wireless in-flight entertainment solution on board for our passengers to enjoy. Taking the first step into IFE has been seamless thanks to Inflight Dublin’s extensive expertise in the industry and ability to deliver a full end-to-end service quickly and efficiently. We look forward to maximising the value this system has to offer,” said Dimitrios Paraskevas, GainJet’s EFB Administrator.

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