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Inmarsat and Teledyne Controls have announced a new technology partnership.

The partnership between Teledyne Controls, manufacturer and innovator of aircraft data management solutions, and Inmarsat, global connectivity provider, enhance and support airlines’ digital operations across Europe as part of the Iris air traffic modernisation programme.

The partnership will integrate Inmarsat’s SB-S platform, powered by its global ELERA satellite network, with Teledyne’s Aircraft Interface Device (AID+)-enabled GroundLink Comm+ communication system and third-party Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) software, currently installed on over 14,000 aircraft with 200 airlines.

The companies say this partnership means more airlines can reap the benefits – from reduced delays, fuel savings and reduced carbon emissions, to better situational awareness for pilots – achieving greater return on investment (ROI), which is critical as the aviation industry looks to continue its recovery from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Joel Klooster, Senior Vice President of Aircraft Operations and Safety at Inmarsat Aviation, said: “Inmarsat is excited to partner with Teledyne to optimise our airline customers’ operations even further through next-level innovation. For airlines, the combination of technologies across a wider choice of airframes through retrofit, will enable more accurate flight tracking and a reduced environmental impact, while passengers will benefit from fewer delays and shorter flight times. All of this means Inmarsat’s customers can get a great return on investment on their technologies, bolstering their bottom line.”

Jim Jackson, Vice President of Business Development and Strategy at Teledyne Controls commented: “By leveraging Inmarsat’s ELERA network and SB-S platform through this partnership, we are able to extend our capabilities and the innovations they bring to customers even further.

“Our combined technologies will promote sustainability for the airlines through optimisation with real-time data to the flight deck and the ground. Now more than ever, we want airlines to be able to reap the rewards of their investment in technologies, and we are thrilled to be working with Inmarsat to deliver this for our customers.”

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