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Inmarsat has announced new developments for its Jet ConneX (JX) inflight broadband solution. These include a new range of service plans to redefine gold standard connectivity in the business aviation market.

The latest service plans, launched as part of Inmarsat’s JX Evolution programme, are now available for new and existing customers. Inmarsat says this marks a step-change in performance that is backed by guaranteed speeds and Inmarsat’s hallmark consistent customer experience.

According to the company, the new service plans offer enhanced performance using Jet ConneX’s existing, highly successful JetWave terminal by Inmarsat’s partner Honeywell and will also be compatible with three upcoming next-generation terminals being developed by Satcom DirectOrbit and Honeywell.

The new Jet ConneX service plans are available through Inmarsat’s global business aviation distribution network, which consists of Satcom Direct, Collins Aerospace and Honeywell.

Innovative technology

The Plane Simple Ka-band system by Satcom Direct has begun flight testing and is expected to enter service later this year.

The terminals use innovative technology and lightweight designs that will optimise performance, reduce costs and simplify installation and maintenance. Their reduced size and weight also create new opportunities in the fast-growing super midsize aircraft market, which shares many of the same connectivity requirements as large aircraft.

Inmarsat will be increasing its Ka-band network fleet by 2025. The new additions include two Inmarsat-6s, both of which have already launched, followed by two payloads in highly elliptical orbit, enabling the world’s only commercial mobile broadband service for flights in higher latitudes and across the Arctic.

Inmarsat says three additional satellites will then launch in geostationary orbit, adding further speed, capacity, and resilience. The combination of next generation terminals and Inmarsat’s fast-growing satellite network will enable speeds up to 100 Mbps for top tier customers that demand the highest level ‘office-in-the-sky’ experience.

Kai Tang, Inmarsat’s Head of Business Aviation commented: “Jet ConneX is renowned for delivering a very high standard of service and these transformative new plans once again highlight Inmarsat’s continued focus on staying ahead of market expectations. This provides customers with reassurance that our connectivity will keep pace with their long-term needs. Importantly, as these include the first plans to use our new satellites and terminals, it also offers a glimpse into future capabilities and provides certainty that their investment in our technology is future-proofed.

“These service plans have been specifically designed to deliver even greater value and performance based on unique insights into usage of our inflight broadband service. This build-up approach is unique to Inmarsat and cannot be replicated by others in the market, some of which have a tendency to over promise and under deliver, either from the start or as their networks fill and performance degrades.

“Crucially, this is only the next step for us. We will continue to assess usage and adapt accordingly, with even more flexible options to be announced later this year.”

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