Jetliner Cabins: Evolution & Innovation, originally published in 2003, and the first and only comprehensive survey of jetliner cabin interiors has been digitally formatted as an app for smartphones and tablets.

Author and long-time airline consultant Jennifer Coutts Clay explains that in addition to redesigning and updating the book’s sixteen core chapters, she added new material to the app, including “green” cabin innovations, classic airline case studies, hyperlinks to more than four hundred organisations, and more than 6,000 all-colour images arranged in a sequence of picture galleries. The app also delves into the topics of product branding, passenger experience, maintenance, and marketing.

The book and app feature insights from leading international experts in the field and is accompanied by an array of striking imagery.

Coutts Clay commented, “The civil-aviation sector is amazing: there is so much to write about! Because of Internet capability, I can keep adding new material to my app. This subject will never end!”

Written by: Alexander Preston

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