South Korea’s Jin Air has signed an agreement with telecommunications company, KT Corp and Hanjin Information Systems & Telecommunications (HIST) to develop a virtual reality (VR) entertainment service.

“We can enjoy a new experience of entertainment based on VR contents not just at home or places but while traveling by plane,” said Kang Kook-Hyun, Head of KT’s Business Group. “Like this partnership with Jin Air and HIST, KT will pioneer industrial innovation by developing the best VR entertainment service for air travellers.”

The new VR service will begin with international routes mostly used by family travellers before the end of this year. Passengers will be able to borrow VR headsets to view latest movies in ultra-high resolution, and travel, sports and other VR contents in 360-degree images.

The three companies are currently customising the Super VR platform for connection to aircraft computer servers. In-flight public announcements will be sent with VR images to passengers wearing headsets. The service will also be optimised for emergency control for convenience and safety.

Jin Air is already piloting an in-flight VR service project. It plans to provide its passengers with differentiated in-flight entertainment with KT’s VR service on a variety of routes.

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