Colombia’s Avianca has begun a free passenger trial of Inmarsat’s GX Aviation in-flight broadband on its first two Airbus A320s.

The two month trial period marks the Latin America debut of GX Aviation, and will be rolled out gradually on selected Airbus A320s, Airbus A330s and Boeing 787s within the airline’s fleet, is currently available on its first two aircraft. Installations on additional aircraft are continuing to progress in Avianca’s MRO facilities in Colombia.

According to Hernan Rincon, chief executive officer of Avianca, “The introduction of in-flight broadband on our first aircraft is a milestone in Avianca’s digital transformation and supports our mission to provide a world-class on-board experience for passengers. During this trial period, we will continue to monitor and fine-tune the service performance prior to entering commercial service next year.”

Philip Balaam, President of Inmarsat Aviation, added, “In addition to being a fundamental part of Avianca’s digitalisation strategy, this rollout means our GX Aviation solution is now being offered by world-class airlines in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australasia and Latin America, reinforcing its appeal to full service and low-cost carriers in all corners of the world.”

Photo: Inmarsat’s GX Aviation in-flight broadband is now available on the first two Avianca Airbus A320s, with installations on further aircraft progressing in Colombia

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