North American esports league League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) and Panasonic Avionics have signed an exclusive collaboration.

Content from LCS and NA Academy, a development league with partnered LCS organisations, will be added to Panasonic’s new Gaming portfolio within its Theatre solution, from spring 2020.

In April, Panasonic and IMG added esports aSport 24 Extra’s live in-flight entertainment programming.

Speaking at the time of the announcement, David Bartlett, CTO of Panasonic Avionics Corporation, said: “As passengers get younger and airlines become more digital, the need for new and engaging content is increasingly essential to compete. Esports brings significant value to an airline by enhancing the passenger experience with engaging content that has garnered one of the fastest growing audiences in entertainment. Similar to traditional sports, esports is most valuable when broadcasted live. Past live esports tournaments and matches have seen viewership surpass traditional sports.

“For airlines, these innovative solutions provide a game-changing way to differentiate themselves in the market, and a unique way to drive ancillary revenue generation.”

Richard Wise, SVP, Content and Channels, IMG Media, added: “Esports is fast becoming some of the most popular and engaging sporting content around the globe, and we are delighted that passengers traveling with Sport 24’s partner airlines will be able to enjoy tournaments live on-board.”

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