Retail inMotion is to acquire Lufthansa Systems’ mCabin app to optimise crew processes.

Retail inMotion will integrate the already existing mCabin software modules into their proprietary digital retail platform to reinforce and expand the platform’s competencies.
At current, mCabin includes modules that help crew members give passengers a more personalized service. Additionally, the application enables crew productivity and ensures effective crew management in-flight. A flight’s purser, or cabin manager, uses the crew-facing mCabin application to manage required tasks before, during and after a flight.

mCabin gives real-time information to pursers regarding the other crew members on board and provides insight into any passengers with special requirements or rewards status. From a back-office perspective, mCabin offers several services to support crew management, including service reports, crew reviews, maintenance information and general feedback collection.

Retail inMotion reached the agreement with Lufthansa Systems early this year to purchase the mCabin app. Both the integration of the application and transference of existing contracts have since been underway. The acquisition of mCabin is a direct result of the continued alignment of the Lufthansa Group, the overarching parent company of both Retail inMotion and Lufthansa Systems. The two companies have been in cooperation for the past several years to maximise synergies within the areas of in-flight entertainment and ancillary revenue generation.

“The vision we have for the Retail inMotion digital retail platform is coming alive more and more each day,” commented Jan Blanchard, CCO Retail inMotion. “The integration of mCabin is a major milestone in the expansion of our platform’s competencies with special functionalities for crew members.”

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