Luxaviation Group has begun implementing the hygiene and safety standards recently developed by FlySkills together with Socotec.

The FlySkills Hygiene Certification (FHC) Program is available to all FBOs, aircraft operators and owners enabling them to demonstrate that defined and accredited hygiene standards have been implemented and are both followed and subject to regular compliance auditing.

FlySkills, an independently working Luxaviation Group company, is supervising the adoption of these standards with Luxaviation Group operators and ExecuJet FBOs the launch customers.

The procedures validated by Socotec allow any participating FBO, operator or aircraft owner to be listed in the FlySkills’ certification database. This listing will be made available to charter brokers and dispatch departments and related B2C and B2B platforms, enabling them to choose suppliers at any location that meet the hygiene protocols their customers are demanding. FlySkills accredited organisations are certified to minimise the risk of exposure of their aircraft owners and charter customers to COVID-19 and other such communicable diseases.


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