MiniMe-Labs, a provider of omni-channel commerce solutions, has launched the latest version of its Flying Plaza product, a personalised travel, retail and entertainment service that uses the passengers own smart personal devices.

The ‘Plaza’ Footprint works in both online and offline modes offering programmatic advertising through customer profiling.

“Flying Plaza solves a huge problem for budget airlines,” says Mini-Me Labs spokesperson Dino Demetriou. “Airlines are expected to pay substantial sums in order to entertain their passengers online nowadays. But budget airlines can’t justify such an investment, let alone the downtime needed to retrofit Internet access equipment. Our business model is the perfect solution. It’s low cost and quick to deploy, works offline – with no downtime for the aircraft or loss of earnings for the airlines.”

Hardware agnostic, the portable media server (air-box) needs no specialist fitting, and as a semi-permanent installation, offers fast installation while maintaining low cost of entry and easy upgrade paths for the future.

“Our solution requires just one air-box per aircraft (A320 size) and it can be installed in the forward or rear galley. The air-box has an 8 to12 hour battery life,” Demetriou explains. “Most competitors require more equipment and downtime for the aircraft.”

In addition to entertainment the platform can also offer in-flight shopping, as well as sales of related travel services with personalised offerings linked to carriers’ loyalty programs. There are also options for affiliate integration for destination-based offers, such as bus tours, museums, taxi services, targeted advertising and on-board retail.

A new feature is the ‘Seat Upgrade’ system that allows passengers to purchase Business and First Class seats at a discounted price during their flight.

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