Mirus kestrel seat

Mirus Aircraft Seating has launched a new fixed back economy seat.

Mirus says the new seat, named Kestrel, blends unequalled levels of passenger living space and comfort in an ultra-lightweight fixed back seat.

It weighs just 7.5 kg and is designed specifically for short to medium range fleets – and to withstand the rigorous and diverging demands from ultra-low cost to premium carriers.

The 28-inch seat pitch delivers class-leading passenger living space and solves the problem of how airlines can achieve maximum economy cabin densification without compromising passenger comfort and space.

Kestrel has a wide range of custom trim and finish options and is highly configurable with additional features such as USB ports, PED holders and multiple literature pocket options.

CEO of Mirus Aircraft Seating, Ben McGuire, said: “We have adopted a zero-compromise mentality with the design of Kestrel to offer maximum living space, privacy and comfort whilst delivering an elegant, modern aesthetic.

“Whilst initially intended for the shorter-range market, the exceptional comfort and living space Kestrel offers means we are seeing strong interest from airlines flying much longer routes as they seek maximum cabin densification without compromising passenger comfort. We are working with a group of airlines in strategic markets and expect to announce our initial launch customers later this year.

“Currently available for Airbus A320 and B737 aircraft types, Kestrel is a game-changer in enhancing cabin appearance, reducing weight, reducing cost of ownership and extending seat life compared to previous generation economy seats, and probably all of the seats being offered in the market today.”

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