FACC has established itself as a high-performing and reliable partner in the repair, maintenance and modernization of aircraft for airlines worldwide.

FACC announces partnership with Leki Aviation

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FACC has established itself as a high-performing and reliable partner in the repair, maintenance and modernization of aircraft for airlines worldwide.

Aircraft modernisation, repair and maintenance company FACC has announced its partnership with international parts distributor and service provider Leki Aviation.

FACC’s services range from high-tech lightweight components for space to service and repair offerings for airlines and aircraft operators. Growth opportunities are very high according to the company particularly in the aftermarket services segment.

“The market for maintenance, repair and overhaul in civil aviation is making a noticeable recovery. Thanks to our innovative solutions, we have been able to establish an excellent position in this field in recent years, and are thus ideally equipped for the future,” says Robert Machtlinger, CEO of FACC.

The number of passenger aircraft worldwide, currently around 23,000, is expected to double to around 46,000 in the next 20 years, the company says, with demand for service and repair services growing rapidly. By 2030, the global market volume is set to exceed $180 billion, compared with approximately $70 billion at present. According to FACC, the Chinese growth market is particularly attractive.

Leki Aviation operates two branches in China and, thanks to its proximity to major Chinese airlines, occupies an outstanding position in the largest and most important growth market in the aircraft industry. Whenever airlines need a spare part for one of their aircraft, they will in future rely on components produced by FACC.

Leki Aviation has a total of nine locations worldwide, including four distribution centres and two repair stations.

Etihad Engineering signs agreement with Touchdown Aviation

Etihad Engineering signs agreement with Touchdown Aviation

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Etihad Engineering signs agreement with Touchdown Aviation

Etihad Engineering has signed a component agreement with Touchdown Aviation (TDA), a global company which specialises in the supply, loan, exchange, and repair of aircraft components.

TDA will be providing Etihad Engineering supply chain solutions in Abu Dhabi to ensure the availability of high-demand aircraft parts.

Frederic Dupont, Vice President Technical Sales & Customer Service, Etihad Engineering said: “As we continue to expand our components repair capabilities, we are delighted to have signed an agreement with Touchdown Aviation, as it will not only contribute to our component services growth strategy and at the same time facilitate parts availability for our customers from across the globe.”

Joey Blok, Director of Sales, Touchdown Aviation said: “I am proud that through intensive cooperation between our respective teams, this Component Agreement has come to life. It’s another step to a long term and fruitful partnership between both TDA and Etihad Engineering. Being able to support our MENA customers with ready to go parts that are stored locally, will give both our companies the opportunity to further develop our position within this steadily growing region for years to come.”

Etihad Engineering’s 500,000 square-metre facility is located in Abu Dhabi, adjacent to Abu Dhabi International Airport. The company says it has successfully completed maintenance projects over the years for airlines from all over the world.

Muirhead avionics Honeywell deal

Muirhead Avionics and Honeywell sign deal for ERJ cockpit and control display repairs

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Muirhead avionics Honeywell deal

AMETEK MRO brand Muirhead Avionics will be providing repairs and ongoing support for Honeywell’s cockpit displays, control displays and display computers for ERJ 140/145/135/Legacy aircraft.

The company says the 10-year agreement is globally exclusive and will commence immediately, with customers shipping all units to Muirhead Avionics’ specialist facility near London Heathrow airport which has OEM-quality standards and prompt turnaround-times commensurate with a repair partnership of this calibre.

Steve Wells, Managing Director of Muirhead Avionics, said: “This agreement reinforces our long-term relationship with Honeywell and will expand our repair business in the displays sector. They have confidence in our OEM-trained technicians and our extensive history of customer support.”

According to Zdenek Hrdlicka, Customer Business Manager at Honeywell International, the agreement with Muirhead Avionics will ensure a seamless transition of repair services.

He said: “We seek legacy expertise that can deliver high value-added repair support for our Embraer customers. They expect the best. Muirhead Avionics’ OEM-approved facilities and expertise have a worldwide reputation – they speak our language.”

Wells added: “An important factor in Honeywell’s decision to choose Muirhead Avionics was the global service we can provide in Europe and Asia. This means they can maintain their worldwide support for Embraer knowing they have our commitment to underwrite and sustain OEM quality across all repair and overhaul programmes.

“Across the AMETEK MRO organisation, we are seeing new opportunities with larger OEMs. It is a trend we anticipate will grow as the aviation industry recovers and OEMs embrace and promote new technologies.”

Asiana Airlines cargo. Copyright Asiana Airlines.

Asiana Airlines extends Lufthansa Technik CF6-80 maintenance contract

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Asiana Airlines cargo. Copyright Asiana Airlines.

Lufthansa Technik has announced that South Korean carrier Asiana Airlines has extended its contract for the repair and overhaul of Asiana’s CF6-80 engines powering the carrier’s Boeing 747 and 767 fleets.

The five-year non-exclusive contract covers a total of 17 B767-300 and B747-400 aircraft and the extension will strengthen Lufthansa Technik’s business in the Asian market and generate a stable workload for the CF6 product line over the next years.

Hoon Bae, General Manager of Aircraft & Supplies Purchasing at Asiana Airlines, said: “There were numerous good reasons to choose Lufthansa Technik as our preferred MRO partner again. With the seamless support and services that have been delivered, we are very confident that Lufthansa Technik will always do their very best to keep us flying.”

Kijung Shin, Corporate Key Account Manager at Lufthansa Technik, said: “We are very proud that Asiana Airlines has decided to extend our trustful co-operation. We look forward to further supporting them with our know-how and engine service capabilities.”

Lufthansa Technik says it also provides component maintenance for the Asiana Boeing 777-200ER fleet, an integrated total component support for the carrier’s Airbus A320F and A350 fleets, and CF6 engine support and heavy maintenance for its Airbus A380 fleet.

Easyjet aircraft

Aeroco extends cabin maintenance support for easyJet

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Easyjet aircraft

Aeroco Group International has announced its contract to provide easyJet’s cabin maintenance support services has been extended.

Aeroco says its airside team will continue to support the easyJet fleet throughout the UK, including at busy airports such as London Gatwick, Luton, Liverpool and Manchester. The company’s specialist technicians are equipped to support easyJet’s unwavering commitment to deliver excellence in cabin standards.

Daniel Wilkie, Aeroco Group International’s Head of Commercial, said: “We are excited to confirm this agreement to continue supporting easyJet in their operations. Our teams are committed to delivering industry gold standard support, in all our repair, production and on wing support and services to our valued customers.”

Artex distress tracking ELT

ACR Electronics announces major deals for its distress-tracking ELT solution

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Artex distress tracking ELT

ACR Electronics has secured deals to supply its distress-tracking ARTEX ELT 5000 (DT) solution with crash survivability to two of the world’s largest commercial aircraft manufacturers.

ACR Electronics says the announced deals establish its next-generation emergency locator transmitter (ELT) as the preferred solution to support production aircraft in compliance with the ICAO 2023 GADSS (global aeronautical distress and safety system) initiative.

The ACR Electronics product is offered to the market in combination with SKYTRAC’s autonomous distress tracking system as a complete GADSS solution.

The GADSS initiative recommendations are currently being adopted into regulations by regulatory bodies such as EASA. The key GADSS concept of operations objectives include addressing late notification of search and rescue services when aircraft are in distress, identifying the location of an end-of-flight aircraft position, ensuring efficient and effective SAR operations and assisting with timely recovery of flight data by providing an accurate report of the aircraft’s final position.

John Nguyen, President of ACR Electronics, said: “The two contracts secured by ACR Electronics to supply the ARTEX ELT 5000 (DT) to the world’s major aircraft manufacturers are a powerful endorsement for our multi-faceted distress-tracking ELT programme. It demonstrates the high confidence in the industry that the development of the next generation ELT 5000 (DT) will future-proof aircraft with a state-of-the-art emergency distress signalling and tracking solution.

“The ability to create a compliant system by combining the ELT-DT and ADT technology of sister brands ARTEX and SKYTRAC means the ACR Group is the only company with a full end-to-end GADSS solution for airframe manufacturers and airline operators.”

The system is triggered by a potential distress condition from independent aircraft monitoring. The 406 MHz ARTEX ELT 5000 (DT) intelligently activates and will automatically begin transmitting 406 MHz distress messages with the current location in real time while the aircraft is in flight.

The company says the distress tracking provides the precise location of the aircraft to assist the relevant monitoring bodies to respond to the alert quickly and effectively using the COSPAS-SARSAT satellite network.

It is also possible to trigger the ELT manually from inside the cockpit if necessary.

Airbus A330-343 arriving at Fokker Techniek, Woensdrecht

Fokker Techniek signs deal with K5-Aviation for widebody VIP completion

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Airbus A330-343 arriving at Fokker Techniek, Woensdrecht

K5-Aviation and green aircraft completions, conversions and refurbishment specialist company Fokker Techniek have signed a contract for an Airbus ACJ330 widebody VIP completion.

This is the first-ever widebody VIP completion for Fokker Techniek and the company is looking forward to showing the market that Fokker Techniek can handle widebody conversions.

“It’s really the next level and we are very honoured that K5-Aviation has entrusted us with this prestigious project,” said Roland van Dijk, co-CEO of Fokker Techniek. “We have started preparations and will soon implement more changes to the company in order to keep up with the continuous growth in our aircraft completions and conversions segment. Our order book demands additional workforce and an increase of in-house activities.”

Erik Scheidt, managing director and pilot at K5-Aviation, said: “We appreciate the direct lines with the knowledgeable engineering and production people, plus their hands-on way of working. The whole project team is focused on delivering a great end result. We have been accustomed to their skills in previous projects and will need the same during the ACJ330 outfit.”

Luca Madone of K5-Aviation noted that Fokker Techniek and K5-Aviation have a rich history of past projects and this new contract is a continuation of that relationship.

“We fully believe in the strengths of Fokker Techniek,” he said. “This agile organisation has proven its skills before and we expect the same again on this much larger aircraft.”

ENVISION Flights app by Rusada

Rusada releases new flights app for Envision

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ENVISION Flights app by Rusada

Global aviation software provider Rusada has released a new mobile application for its airworthiness, MRO and flight operations solution Envision.

The application is the third new app released by Rusada in the last 10 months. The company launched Envision Tasks and Envision Stock in 2021, highlighting its current focus on mobility.

Rusada says the Envision Flights app, which is fully native and available on iOS and Android devices, is approved by both Apple and Google. It has been designed specifically for pilots and other members of the flight crew and works closely alongside Envision’s flight operations module to provide its users with live flight details, including departure/arrival location, ETD/ETA, flight type and aircraft registration, in addition to expected passengers, baggage and freight.

Several key actions can also be carried out directly from the cockpit, such as recording actuals and oil and fuel uplift, diverting or cancelling existing flights, adding new flights, assigning crew and reporting defects.

Julian Stourton, CEO at Rusada, said: “We are very excited to be releasing yet another new application to the market. What I like most about this app is that flight crew can view all the information they need in one place, which removes the need for time-consuming phone calls or updates from various third-party agents. This should make their lives much easier and allow for everyone in the organisation to be on the same page.”

As part of a complete refurbishment of a Gulfstream GIV SP aircraft, ALTO Aviation partnered with VIP Completions, to install a new ALTO cabin audio system.

ALTO Aviation and VIP Completions upgrade audio experience

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As part of a complete refurbishment of a Gulfstream GIV SP aircraft, ALTO Aviation partnered with VIP Completions, to install a new ALTO cabin audio system.

As part of a complete refurbishment of a Gulfstream GIV SP aircraft, ALTO Aviation partnered with VIP Completions, to install a new ALTO cabin audio system.

The new ALTO Sound system replaced the obsolete factory-installed audio system. The installation included six ultralight, high-performance ASP-401 Mid-High loudspeakers, which are fit-compatible replacements for the original loudspeakers.

This cabin audio upgrade required a substantial improvement of the bass performance over the original system, which was achieved by strategically placing four ASW-279 ALTO Subwoofers into the aircraft’s two cabin zones, providing a crystal-clear, powerful, and balanced acoustic performance. In addition, the installation offered excellent sound performance throughout the cabin, fully supported by two ALTO DA-230 amplifiers.

An ALTO cabin systems engineer tuned the system onsite at the VIP Completions facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US to perfectly match the aircraft’s acoustic profile upon completing the installation. Following the specifications of the aircraft owner, the tuning focused on a fully optimised and powerful Stereo presentation, with special sonic attention and sweet spots specifically directed to the second row of VIP seats in the forward zone.

“The aircraft came with its original interior; at almost 20-years-old it was dated visually and cabin entertainment and connectivity standpoint. The owner wanted to modernise everything and insisted on the best of the best. We did not hesitate one second in recommending the ALTO product to ensure an incredible audio experience for the owner and all their guests,” said Ben Shirazy, President of VIP Completions.

“Every detail of this seamless installation by VIP Completions is simply outstanding and looks straight from the factory; we are so excited and thankful knowing that the ALTO Sound specifically designed for this project has exceeded their client’s strict audiophile requirements. We look forward to continuing our valued and consistent partnership with VIP Completions to provide their clients with unrivalled cabin sound quality and to continue exceeding their highest acoustic expectations,” Don Hamilton, ALTO Aviation President, said.

The installation is part of a complete aircraft refurbishment that included new wood, upholstery, carpeting, soft goods, plating, lighting, and audio and video upgrades.

Cairns MRO facility, Australia

Heston MRO expands capabilities with Cairns MRO acquisition

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Cairns MRO facility, Australia

Australasian independent MRO organisation Heston MRO is to acquire Jet Aviation’s Cairns MRO facility.

Cairns MRO is the largest MRO centre in Far North Queensland, attracting customers from Australia, Pacific Islands, and Southeast Asia, specialising in heavy maintenance and avionics repairs in a 5,400 square metre facility.

Upon completion, the new acquisition will expand Heston MRO capabilities into full heavy maintenance for regional aircraft, as well as state-of-the-art avionics repairs shops for wider range of aircraft types.

“We are excited to add Cairns facility to the Heston MRO family,” said Jonas Butautis, Director and Partner at Heston MRO. “Over the last couple of years our company has been looking for the best options how to expand into heavy maintenance and components repairs in Australia. Having done the analysis on Cairns facility, its professional and experienced staff, range of capabilities and growth potential, we decided that it fits well into the overall Heston MRO vision of becoming a Total Care partner for airlines in the Australasian region. Once the transaction is complete, Heston MRO will be offering line, base, components, engines MRO capabilities, as well as technical training and other services. With selected services we will be able to cover the full suite of aircraft types, from smaller regionals like ATR and Dash 8 Q400, narrowbodies like Boeing 737s and Airbus A320s, to large widebodies like Boeing 777s and 787s, and Airbus A350s and A380s.”