Baker Aviation has introduced a new larger HOT-STOP ‘L’ Fire Containment Kit.

The new 14” x 10” sized fire containment solution is deemed fireproof, as defined by the Code of Federal Regulations 14 CFR 1.1, meeting the same strict testing criteria that all the HOP-STOP ‘L’ products achieve and available to the business aviation industry.

Ray Goyco, Jr., CEO for Baker Aviation Services Group LLC stated: “We realised many of our customers carry larger, more powerful waterproof phones with cases. Therefore, we made this new bag larger and tested it to be fireproof with zero tolerance for toxic smoke and gasses associated with these fires. As the pioneers in this market, we ensure our product is fully capable of containing the latest waterproof phone technology without the need for water,” added Goyco.

The new 14” x 10” HOT-STOP ‘L’ phone containment solution is burn-certified and designed to safely contain popular smart phones with their oversized cases and eliminate the risk of battery related fires and toxic smoke on board aircraft. Its light-weight design is easy to store on any aircraft and does not require the use of aqueous liquids (but the vessel allows the use of water if operators choose to follow SAFO guidance). Customers have the option of purchasing the phone unit with electromagnetic frequency (EMF) shielding that can be added to any HOT-STOP ‘L’ fire-containment kit upon request. In addition, 14” burn-certified safety gloves may be purchased with the phone unit.

The HOT-STOP ‘L’ bags are made up of multiple durable fabrics with a felt inner core that has a 3,200ºF melting point which is sandwiched between two outer layers that have a 2,080ºF melting point and are proven to absorb energy and fire while eliminating the escape of smoke, sparks, and flames. Multiple sizes are available to fit various devices up to the large 27” x 26” vessel designed to contain defibrillators and oversized all-in-one computers. Custom solutions are available. Larger kits include a carry/stowage sling, and optional accessories comprise of an exterior carry bag with zipper and Velcro wall mounting kit.

The HOT-STOP ‘L’ EVO series was first introduced to the airlines that were looking for containment solutions that will minimise the risk of unknown devices being brought onboard, including portable charger/battery packs, e-cigarettes, and internal equipment, such as defibrillators, and electronic flight bags that are carried inside the cockpit. The added military-grade zipper technology offers an additional layer of security with its zero tolerance, airtight closure that is designed to contain a device in full thermal runaway until it has burned out.

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