A new alliance has been created with the intent of allowing member mobile operators to extend their services into airline cabins.

Seamless Air Alliance, formed by Airbus, Delta, OneWeb, Sprint, and Bharti Airtel, will allow operators to continuously provide their customers – via satellite technology – with the same high speed, low latency connectivity from ground, to air and back again. It will also significantly reduce costs for everyone involved while creating a smooth, positive user-experience.

The alliance – which aims to attract additional industry operators beyond the five initial members – will eliminate the immense costs and hurdles commonly associated with acquisition, installation, and operation of data access infrastructure by streamlining system integration and certification, providing open specifications for interoperability, increasing accessibility for passengers, and enabling simple and integrated billing.

There will be a variety of Working Groups that members will all contribute to and lend their industry expertise to help develop new specifications and recommendations. The Working Groups will focus on technical specifics such as equipment needs, billing and deployment models.

The Alliance is welcoming interested parties to join as members at www.seamlessalliance.com.

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