Astronics Corporation has introduced the new Nuancia RGBW strip lights allowing aircraft manufacturers and airlines to program mood-lighting systems to accommodate more than 16 million colours, create preset colour scenarios, and present colour changes.

“There is a significant increase in ambient lighting interest from airlines and aircraft OEMs, so to service our customers, we’ve taken our existing ultra-reliable lighting products and re-engineered them to provide the industry’s smallest bend radius and closest set LEDs for a flexible, consistent colour experience,” explained Fabrice Berthelot, president of Astronics PGA, which will offer the product. “The possibilities for exciting new cabin lighting designs are immense.”

Nuancia offers customisable lengths from 100 millimeter (mm) to 2,500 mm and with LEDs placed in 50 mm increments, which reduces gaps between lights for a smooth, continuous color wash.

As the company explains, at only 6 mm thick and with a 50 mm bend radius, customers can install Nuancia in straight or curved applications, via multiple mounting methods, to highlight the cabin without any hot spots. A dedicated lighting management system controls the strip lights to ensure smooth transitions between lighting phases for various airplane operations, such as takeoff, meal service, or in-flight entertainment time. The system uses red, green, blue, and white (RGBW) LED technology to deliver a comprehensive set of colour choices with options for a range of white lights, from cool to warm settings.

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