IAMA Lisa Giga Hub

IAMA, the Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance is partnering with LISA Group for the use of artificial intelligence in aircraft design and certification.

The collaboration hopes to lead to the creation of a digital tool-set for design organisations and other relevant players in the aviation modification aftermarket.

The tool-sets main target is to simplify and automise processes in design and certification such as differences within the certification base of national aviation authorities as well as analysing existing documents like working arrangement and bilateral agreements.

“While intelligent applications are on the growth in other sectors like aviation with for example predictive maintenance and intelligent cabin applications, the use of artificial intelligence in design & certification engineering for aircraft modification is still unexplored.” Said Nicole Noack, Managing Director of the Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance. “Being experts in the overall process of aircraft modification projects, we see significant advantages throughout the value chain and with LISA Deutschland GmbH we found a highly experienced partner to jointly develop a scalable tool-set.”

The envisioned system will use Natural Language Processing with the purpose of limiting unforeseen certification gaps at the end of the design process. It will be hosted on LISA GIGA Hub as a new application. LISA’s Aviation GIGA Hub is a data management platform with troubleshooting apps and prognostics features. The new tool-set will start with an application which takes a modification statement and guides the user through the process, while identifying differing rules and bilaterals in place between multiple authorities making use of published documents and available historic data of the user.

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