Air France has introduced its new long-haul travel cabins exclusive to its fleet of Airbus A330s, on a flight from Paris to Accra, Ghana.

A €140 million investment has been committed to completely redesigning 15 aircraft by 2020 with 36 seats in business, 21 seats in premium economy and 167 seats in economy cabins.

Cabin upgrades
The new business seat, adapted to the dimensions of the Airbus A330, has been redesigned, converting into a lie-flat bed that is 2m long and 57.1 cm wide. A sliding panel separates the seats offering privacy when needed. The ambient lighting emphasises the details of the new Business cabin’s decor where leather and the Air France brand’s symbolic accent are prominent.

A brand new, extra-wide HD touch-screen measuring over 18.5 inches offers Business customers over 1,400 hours of entertainment. Its intuitive interface comes with a new more user-friendly handset.

The toilets, inspired from the cosmetics universe, and the self-service bar in a blue and Champagne colour scheme have also been redesigned with customers’ well-being and comfort in mind.

Premium economy (pictured) has been upgraded to include a 130° seat recline in a fixed shell, with 48.5 cm width and 102 cm seat pitch. Lumbar support adapts to different body shapes, and there is also
additional storage space, a wider footrest and a 13.3-inch HD screen.

The softer seat cushions and wider leather armrests have also been redesigned.

Each passenger enjoys a personal power outlet and two USB ports as well as a wide choice of entertainment.

The Economy seat has changed to provide additional comfort with more space between the armrests; a reinforced ergonomic foam in the seat and a 118° recline; 79 cm legroom; a larger tray table and a wider, latest generation 11.6-inch 16:9 HD touch screen.

The Economy seat is equipped with a personal power outlet and a USB plug, allowing customers to use their electronic devices throughout the flight. They can also enjoy a wide range of entertainment with the audio headset provided.

In-flight connectivity
Air France CONNECT Wi-Fi is also available with three different Wi-Fi passes, accessible from personal devices to select from.

“Message” pass allows customers to send and receive messages free of charge from their favourite apps while a “Surf” pass enables customers to surf the internet and access emails. For €3 euros this covers the entire duration of the trip on short-haul flights; from €5 euros for the entire duration of the trip on medium-haul flights; and €8 euros (2,700 Miles), for one hour or €18 euros (6,000 Miles) for an entire long-haul flight.

A “Stream” pass includes all the benefits of the Message pass and the Surf pass as well as allowing passengers to stream and download throughout the flight for just €30 euros (10,000 Miles).

The Air France CONNECT offer will gradually be extended to offer customers additional services and entertainment such as detailed flight information, shopping and a wide selection of films, TV series and documentaries to watch free of charge on their smartphone or tablet.

Air France CONNECT offer will also be available on board the Boeing 787 and gradually installed on board the Boeing 777. The entire Air France fleet will be equipped with Air France CONNECT by the end of 2020.

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