SAS is nearing the end of a two-week trial period which has seen a vegan dish added to its ‘New Nordic by SAS’ in-flight menu.

From 9 November SAS Plus passengers on more than 4,000 European and Scandinavian flights of 80 minutes or more have been able to enjoy ‘thyme roasted Hällestad mushrooms with a lentil and beet flavoured wheat salad tossed with black beans from Öland and tarragon, sliced golden beetroot and hummus made of yellow Vretärt pea from Bjälösa, served with parsley vinaigrette and vinegar roasted buckwheat’.

“Sustainability is a main focus for SAS and as we see an increasing interest in a plant-based diet in the society, it is important to have a vegan dish on a trial as one of the regular meals“, says Karl Sandlund, executive vice president commercial.

One of the main ingredients in the vegan menu are mushrooms handpicked at Hällestad in Skåne, Sweden’s only 100% organic mushroom producer. During the trial period of the vegan menu, two tons of mixed mushrooms – champignon, portobello and oyster mushrooms – will have been transformed to create an exclusive meal served in the innovative designed ‘SAS Cube’.

“SAS always strive to pioneer the next generation of traveling. Our vision is to continuously develop and explore new ways to make life easier for our travellers, by offering innovative and desired services and this is one of them,” said Karl Sandlund.

Photo: Salt Food & Communication / Andy Phrat / Mathias Persson

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