Jacob Schram

Norwegian CEO Jacob Schram has announced a new management structure for the airline, streamlining departments into two distinct commercial units in the Group – Airline and Airline Ecosystem.

“I have been committed to putting in place a management structure that takes us from growth to profitability by delivering our new Norwegian strategy and business plan. In order to run a profitable and sustainable company going forward, I will build the commercial part around two distinct entities with clear P&L responsibilities,” says CEO Jacob Schram.

“By bringing departments together to focus on our customers we gain insight and power to innovate and use smart choices throughout their customer journey. We will remain true to the core values of Norwegian which have been in place since its inception – a popular company that offers good quality flights at a good price,” Schram said.

The new group management will be in place from 2 June 2020.

The newly created Airline department will have the full responsibility for the profit of the core business. The department shall ensure an optimal network of routes, optimise prices, plan flight operations, as well as carry out ongoing sales and marketing activities.

Airline Ecosystem will have full performance responsibilities and will drive new business ecosystems in connection with the company’s core business. This will take place through partner agreements and new customer platforms.

Responsibility for the entire customer journey will fall under the new CUSTOMER department. The department will deliver the agreed products and services to both the Airline and Airline Ecosystem unit through concept/product development, brand & marketing, customer activation and customer service.

Operations will work towards the Airline profit unit and provide agreed products and services within flight operations, as well as technical and maintenance, ground services, security and emergency preparedness.

In recent days, the airline secured a state loan guarantee of NOK3 billion. The company has now converted NOK 12.7 billion of debt to equity

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