Raleigh & Drake, the influencer-driven discovery platform has become the exclusive discovery platform partner for Panasonic Avionics Corporation.

By integrating Raleigh & Drake’s personalised and mission-driven platform into Panasonic’s NEXT in-flight entertainment platform, airline passengers will be able to book experiences such as tours and activities while directly en-route to a destination. A percentage of each booking fee goes to support local entrepreneurs in-destination via Kiva.org.

Raleigh & Drake’s platform is powered primarily by influencers whom resonate with the key target audience of millennials, and exhibit the knowledge and approach to global travel that appeals to the masses. Through this partnership, passenger audiences are provided with curated recommendations from experts and locals who are part of the cultural vibrancy of a city.

Patrick Sarkissian, CEO and co-founder of Raleigh & Drake said, “Raleigh & Drake is the only mission-driven platform that offers quality experiences around the world to a variety of travellers. Our focus is on emotionally connecting with the traveller via personalisation, rich-content and our mission to merge travel with social impact.”

By unveiling its mobile-first solution into apps, websites and in-flight entertainment systems, the platform seeks to boost the booking industry’s nominal 20% revenue currently earned via mobile booking technologies.

Julie Lichty, head of digital services and solutions for Panasonic Avionics, said, “Our new NEXT inflight entertainment platform is designed to be able to build bespoke solutions for our airlines and their passengers. By partnering with Raleigh & Drake, we are able to curate compelling destination experiences for our customers and their passengers.”

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