Screenshots of TravelWell mobile app

FlyWell and PXCom have launched the health & wellbeing lifestyle mobile app, TravelWell.

TravelWell can either be accessed as a white label standalone mobile app or as an add-on integrated into an airline’s own mobile app.

The app provides health and wellbeing content for the entire passenger journey including on-the-ground experiences (pre and post flight) and during the flight via an IFE platform.

The content menu offers a variety of categories:

The ‘comfort zone’ offers instant relaxation. The ‘breathing bay’ offers instruction on deep inhalation and exhalation. The ‘wellness lounge’ is a place to restore and renew the body, while the ‘meditation space’ offers enchanting lights. The digestive system is aided via the ‘nutrition hub’.

According to the app partners the platform has been engineered to interact with social networks, enabling the generation of target interactions through likes, comments and shares.

An in-app store can also be integrated into the TravelWell mobile app, enabling an airline’s passengers to buy additional content, goods, services. Airlines can also choose to integrate native advertising (sponsored brand content), or legacy advertising (banners, popups etc).

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