Gategroup and Airbus have signed a co-operation agreement which will enable Big Data and analytics to be used across all areas of an airline’s business.

Three keys areas make up the co-operation: a fully digital galley, the dynamic galley and an optimised layout of passenger accommodation (LOPA) through innovative service redesigns which will result in space optimisation.

The digital galley supports trolleys and galley inserts which provide an end-to-end digital catering process – from airline to caterer, caterer to aircraft and aircraft to caterer and airline. The second key is the data delivered by the trolleys from the connected galley, from the galley loading alongside the real-time and in-flight data processing. And thirdly, is the extensive post-flight data analytics which will enable accurate future demand predictions. These will be possible across both individual flights and aircraft types.

The dynamic galley, a concept so flexible that it will enable galley inserts or equipment to be configured on a flight basis, is entirely driven by the needs of each route or service concept.

Finally, the enhancement of the catering service will enable airlines to further optimise the galley configuration, save space in the cabin and implement new service concepts designed by gategroup. Working alongside airline customers, gategroup will be able to help optimise in-flight service concepts.

“Gategroup aims to introduce new and innovative technologies that transform how we and our customers operate,” said gategroup CEO, Xavier Rossinyol. “The connected galley experience is a breakthrough innovation for the market that will radically improve both the customer journey and the way cabin crew interact both with the cabin infrastructure and their guests. We are proud to have collaborated together with Airbus on this game-changing endeavour.”

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