Immfly has launched AdsFly, a specialist media sales division focused on integrated onboard campaigns designed to serve both airlines and other IFE providers looking to commercialise airline assets. With a relentless record in innovation, Immfly has also equipped Adsfly with dedicated tools which will be made available to empower airline clients and advertisers.

The Adsfly Onboard Adserver is designed to provide advertisers and airlines increased autonomy and flexibility to manage, upload and analyse campaigns which take to the skies.

The tool includes a range of features including options to facilitate asset selection, segment campaigns by audience and monitor KPIs.

Airlines will be able to benefit from more efficiency in generating revenues from campaigns and advertisers will enjoy more clarity and autonomy for better decision-making on their investments.
“Advertisers are very interested in the highly captive audiences we reach with our airline network and the technological expertise we provide to manage onboard digital assets in combination with traditional in-flight media. The capabilities we deliver are highly effective for both cut-through branding and sustained performance campaigns. ” says Ramón Rodríguez Sánchez , Advertising manager of Adsfly.

Samuel Gombervaux , chief revenue officer at Adsfly states: “As the travel industry continues to grow, it’s become clear to us that advertisers need a 360 degree solution to reach this audience. Adsfly, answers precisely that need with a high level of expertise. Not only are we hardware agnostic focused on serving all IFE providers, but we are also effectively airline agnostic, as our media sales services are available to all airlines in the industry irrespective of their IFE supplier and media agency. Our clients are looking to Adsfly to help them maximise reach across aviation.”

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