Harman International is to work with Panasonic to make JBL branded Serenity S1H headphones available to airlines and their passengers.

The JBL Serenity S1H headphone has been purposefully designed to operate with Panasonic HD-AUDIO, which connects to Panasonic’s NEXT Series in-flight entertainment system via USB type-A or type-C connectors.

From Q3 2019, the JBL Serenity S1H will be available exclusively to those airlines looking to offer their premium passengers with a cinematic experience.

Developed in collaboration with SoundChip, Panasonic HD-AUDIO feature, include digital audio, hybrid active noise cancellation, 3D sound, open-ear talk-through, and seat-to-seat and seat-to-ground VoIP telephony.

Gaston Sandoval, vice president of Product Management and Marketing at Panasonic, said: “Audio of the highest quality is a critical element of the passenger experience with a wide range of applications from the cinematic delivery of the latest blockbuster movies to creating the serenity that is a key part of our Wellness solutions.”

“The strengthening of our HD-AUDIO platform, by combining this ground-breaking solution with the renowned excellence of compatible headphones from Harman and JBL, will be music to the ears of airline passengers globally.”

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