Pitch Aircraft Seating Systems has secured a contract with leasing company, SAAL to retrofit the Antonov 158 for two different airlines.

Ralf-Dieter Montag-Girmes, president of SAAL commented: “This partnership allows us to modernise the interior of the Antonov 148/158 cabin for our clients in Latin America. The Pitch brand has a reputation for innovation and design with its highly durable efficient fixed back seat.

“This retrofit will allow our lessees to operate the aircraft in a very efficient way given the attractive value for money and excellent five-year warranty on offer. The AN 148/158 family is ideal for the South American market with its unique high altitude capabilities and its ability to land nearly everywhere.”

The PF3000 is the latest model from Pitch offering great living space for the passenger and ultra-low running costs for the airlines. The seat is robust and lightweight, offering the perfect balance for today’s airlines.

The PF3000 is designed to the latest safety standards and is certified to meet the full 16g dynamic and occupant injury requirements (C127b). The seat is currently flying on the Airbus A320 family.

From left to right: Michael Rice, CEO Causeway Aero, Ralf-Dieter Montag-Girmes, president of the SAAL, Gary Doy, CEO, Pitch Aircraft Seating Systems, Oleksandr Donets, president of the Antonov, David Rice, VP Sales and Marketing, Pitch Aircraft Seating Systems, Hans Deprez, managing director of Depicon.

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