ABC INTERNATIONAL has industrially designed, manufactured and installed cabin branding elements of Brussels Airlines’ retro-fit program of its A330 fleet.

The brands panels are based on concepts proposed by JPA Design who led the cabin design project.

The two companies first collaborated in 2017 on a wet lease programme covering SSJ100 aircrafts from Irish-based operator CityJet.

“Brussels Airlines is an ideal partner for developing new products and solutions for cabin branding, considering their continuous commitment in looking for new ways to improve passengers experience and cabin environment,” commented Olindo Spatola, VP Engineering & Programs within ABC INTERNATIONAL.

“When the program was launched, all of us at ABC INTERNATIONAL felt excited for being part of such a challenging cabin retrofit project. Furthermore, we had the chance to implement and provide a branding panels solution with a back-lit effect, strengthening our expertise and discovering new materials and design methods”, concluded Spatola.

“It is always fascinating to collaborate with companies able to transform our concept design into a real product, combining expertise on technical design and manufacturing processes,” commented Alessia Giardino, lead colour & materials, brand & trends designer at JPA Design.”

ABC INTERNATIONAL delivered seven different brand panel variants per A330 aircraft to align with their respective cabin trim and finish.

This includes two panels in the entrance area welcoming passenger on board. These panels are made of “wooden-effect” polycarbonate by Sekisui with an “Art-Nouveau” pattern made of a combination of different materials and technologies.

There are two panels in the Business Class section, with both panels made of “wooden-effect” polycarbonate by Sekisui with the “Art-Nouveau” pattern and a back-lit effect.

Finally, two panels are in the Premium Economy section and one panel in Economy Class made with a CNC machined aluminium frame covered by special stickers and resin decorative elements displaying various customised themes.

“We were already aware of the high-quality service provided by ABC INTERNATIONAL, and we felt even more confident after seeing the great commitment in caring all the details since the early stage of the discussion” declared

According to Eric Kergoat, Brussels Airlines head of product development, and who was responsible for the cabin branding project with ABC INTERNATIONAL: “Brussels Airlines is recognised for being extremely focused on providing an excellent flight experience in an outstanding environment; partnering with ABC INTERNATIONAL to enhance our brand image is the right way to keep that promise.

“Investing in cabin interiors have become one of the main key strategies to enhance passengers’ needs and expectations; with ABC INTERNATIONAL, we know we are doing it,” he added.

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