Pexco Aerospace has acquired AirShield from Seattle-based design company Teague and expects the innovative product to be certified with the Federal Aviation Administration by July 2022.

Pexco says it has spent two years taking AirShield, which is installed over the top of existing passenger air vents and is a finalist in the Crystal Cabin Awards 2022, from concept to an air management system proven to reduce shared air between passengers.

AirShield works in harmony with existing HEPA filtration systems in the aircraft cabin to personalise passenger airflow and redirects purified air around and in between each passenger to create protective air barriers.

Pexco says the product has been proven to reduce the spread of airborne particles and odours in the cabin and enhances the onboard experience for all passengers but especially those in economy class.

Jon Page, President of Pexco Aerospace, said: “We all want our personal space to be protected from unwanted germs and smells when we fly, especially in economy class, and AirShield provides that. With mask-wearing being phased out, it is the ‘virtual social distance’ the industry needs, providing every passenger with what they want most – a premium and personalised in-flight experience.”

According to the company, HVAC systems on board commercial aircraft are already effective but AirShield offers an additional layer of protection from airborne germs of all kinds while also enhancing the in-flight experience, restricting unwanted odours from entering a passenger’s personal space.

In an independent passenger opinion survey, 91% agreed that AirShield makes them feel like an airline is taking care of them, while 89% would feel more comfortable flying with AirShield post-pandemic.

Some 86% of respondents also stated they would choose to fly with an airline that has Pexco’s AirShield installed over one without.

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