France-based Porcher Industries, a designer and manufacture of technical materials has collaborated with Meggitt on the development of a new SATCOM radome.

The new SATCOM radome will support the demand for enhanced 5G communication for in-flight connectivity.

Porcher Industries was tasked with developing a composite material solution that would deliver high impact resistance and efficient processing whilst also providing the ability to tune the Dielectric Constant (Dk) for optimising 5G Air-to-Ground transmission. The result was a bespoke glass reinforced thermoplastic material for the base structural component.

The key performance targets for the composite material radome were low permittivity and low loss tangent at GHz frequencies whilst also satisfying cost reduction and processing requirements.
Porcher Industries’ BGF Industries site in Greensboro, NC, supplied a highly innovative glass reinforced thermoplastic composite that provided Meggitt with additional benefits in manufacturing and end of life recycling.

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