Qatar Airways Lunar New year menu.

Qatar Airways is celebrating the Lunar New Year on board flights to and from China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia by introducing festive products and cuisine inspired by Chinese culture and the Year of the Rabbit.

The airline says it will gift complimentary in-flight Wi-Fi codes, Qatar Duty Free discount vouchers and golden chocolate coins enclosed in beautifully designed traditional red envelopes called hóngbāo to passengers, symbolising good luck and prosperity.

During the flights, passengers will be offered an authentic Chinese dining experience that the carrier says takes inspiration from dishes traditionally served during this auspicious occasion.

In Business Class, passengers will receive a special ‘Golden Mandarin Spice Mule’ drink which symbolises abundance. Prawn crackers are also served with drinks and an elegant celebratory dinner setting of oriental inspired lanterns, red and gold ornate fan-shaped placemats is provided.

Passengers can choose items such as seafood wonton soup with shitake broth, mala spice beef roll with hoisin sauce and cucumber, edamame salad, chilli garlic prawns with doupan sauce along with stir-fried noodles and vegetables from bespoke Year of the Rabbit-themed menu cards.

A light Kung Pao Chicken with Jasmine rice and gai lan option is also offered, while desserts include a black seasoned tofu mousse cake with goji berry, mandarin and sesame tuile.

Economy Cabin passengers will be offered a tray adorned with a specially designed tray liner with a complementing cutlery roll band and chopsticks. Asian noodle salad followed by sweet and sour prawns and fish paired with Jasmine rice and Asian vegetables is served, as well as a zesty Mandarin mousse dessert with goji berries sesame crumble.

Passengers in all cabins will be offered a fortune cookie symbolising luck, fortune, fate and wisdom.

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