Sherwin-Williams Aerospace has introduced a new soft-feel coating, Jet Suede, to enhance the feel of aircraft interiors.

Jet Suede is a two-component urethane topcoat aiming to deliver a textured feel to surfaces to which it is applied.

The company said the coating provides a durable finish and is ideal for application on rigid and flexible plastics and substrates.

Sherwin-Williams is offering the coating in low gloss, solid colours, including a variety of OEM colours. Neutral colours commonly utilised in aircraft cabins, providing high abrasion and scratch resistance.

Appropriate for application by both OEM and MRO aftermarket professionals, the company said the Jet Suede coating provides the same effect as replacing leather armrests or cabin fabric but faster and with less expense, suggesting a 3:1 mixing ratio and high solids, low-bake characteristics make Jet Suede an efficient alternative for painting interior plastic parts.

“Using an interior cabin coating like Jet Suede is a cost-effective way to improve the passenger experience in the economy or premium class sections of the aircraft, as well in high traffic areas or throughout the cockpit,” the company said in a statement.

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