Sky Express fly magazine

Greek airline SKY express has launched a new in-flight magazine.

The first issue features one of the leading chefs, Nobu Matsuhisa and Alexander Jones, world-famous scholar of the Antikythera Mechanism. SKY Express says the magazine is inspired by the needs of the modern traveller to learn about the unique experiences that each destination can offer and includes new trends, products, gastronomy, entertainment, exclusively primary content, interviews and news from the most important events of Greece.

The Summer – Autumn 2022 issue is already available on all SKY express flights as well as Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion airport business lounges. It can also be found in selected hotels in Greece.

The SKY express team commented: “This magazine is further proof that, as a company, we can come together, work systematically and pursue our vision in order to build the airline of the future and that is a source of enormous joy for us. We are a team that knows how to face the challenges of the future, to adjust to the needs of people who choose to travel in order to live a better life, a comfortable life, a life with security and a high level of care.”

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