French start-up SKYdeals has partnered with Air France to launch a pilot of its e-commerce platform technology.

Julien Sivan, CEO of SKYdeals, said: “From now on, we can experience a large number of preferred offers to passengers. It will be interesting to measure the evolution of buying behaviours on board, which is a world premiere. We would like to thank Air France for their trust and support. With the arrival of Wi-Fi on the majority of the fleets worldwide, we hope to be able to reach an audience of more than 200 million passengers a year within five years.”

Freely accessible from any device, SKYdeals is available to passengers from Air France Connect, the connectivity portal of the operator.

In-flight Shoppertainment consists of a set of dynamic commercial offers, allowing:

  • Flyover offers: preferred offers triggered according to the area and the country overflown and are only available during the flyover time.
  • Group Buying offers: passengers on the same flight may grouped together to obtain more advantageous offers.
  • Flash sales: these offers are valid for 15 minutes at specific times during the flight.
  • Flying Auctions: Real auctions lasting the time of the flight.

The ambition of this first deployment is a live trial of all these new offers with travellers from all nationalities and on a large number of routes.

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